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Something I notice right away about a person is their smile, whether that be how straight their teeth are or how white it is, or if you can tell that they don’t like their smile.

I’ve always been worried about my smile. When I was in 5th grade (so 10/11) I had a huge gap between my front teeth and they seemed so big for my mouth because I was still just a kid. So I got braces for a few months and then wore a retainer for almost 2 years (until I lost it of course.) I wish I had a good picture, but this is all you get 😉

Hello gappy

Skip on to high school and my younger sister, Tay, was going in to get braces. I asked my mom if she thought I needed them and she said “NAH.” Regardless I wasn’t happy with my smile and wanted to see what the orthodontist had to say about it. He said that I really needed braces and technically headgear because my overbite was so bad. I was MORTIFIED. Anyways, I had braces on my Junior and Senior year and it was pretty crazy how that effected my smile.

My Junior year with braces
The day after I got my braces off

I am still a little self conscious about my smile, always wondering if I have something in my teeth and always hoping my breath smells decent (LOL.) BUT, something I can control is how white they are. I’ve never had my teeth whitened by the dentist, because my dentist has always said how amazingly white I keep them!

Now, something to keep in mind is that I don’t drink a ton of coffee, and if I do it’s through a straw. I do drink soda, but 90% of the time I use a straw. I don’t smoke, and I don’t eat a lot of things that stain teeth. So my upkeep has been super easy. I’ve tried a ton of different whitening products and so far my favorite has been Smile Brilliant!

In the past, I’ve used strip whitening, as well as trays that were disposable, but had never had my own impressions and trays made. That’s something that’s awesome about Smile Brilliant, they send you a kit that has all the necessary components to get your custom made trays done at home.

I normally whiten my teeth once a year, and do anywhere from 10-20 sessions for about 30 minutes each. With Smile Brilliant, I was able to cut it down to 8 session because you can keep the whitening solution on for 3 hours at a time! That’s helpful for me as a mom so that I can wear them longer at a time and get the most out of them. One thing that’s so cool for me is that you can hardly tell when I have them on, so you can essentially wear them out and about without people really noticing that you have them on!

I have my whitening trays on here
Whitening and curling my hair
Right after whitening!

If you’ve been debating whitening your teeth, I’d definitely try Smile Brilliant. If you’re worried about it hurting because of teeth sensitivity, you can absolutely get the gel that will help with sensitivity as well! I usually have sensitive teeth, especially to cold and sweet things, so it was awesome that I could use the sensitivity gel after whitening to help my teeth feel better! Hopefully you too can feel better about your smile just like I did with the help from Smile Brilliant! Want your chance to win your own personal Simile Brilliant Kit? Visit this link to enter!

 Giveaway link: www.smilebrilliant.com/g/sincerelyarielmiles

 If not, you can also get 15% off store wide with the code: sincerelyarielmiles15

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