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Perfect Formula || Perfect Manicure

One thing that I love to do for myself as a treat is to get a manicure and pedicure. Sometimes, as a mom and business owner, I don’t get to go get the small things done as often as I wish I could. That’s when doing my fingers and toes at home become my own little art project!

So for me, my max number of coats is 3 before I get all grumpy and antsy. So Perfect Formula was great for me! I loved that it was a gel coat that made my nails strong, but I was able to do my nails quickly and efficiently. Also, it comes without saying, my littles see me getting down to business on my nails and they have to join in. They always want to be just like Mommy and I have to oblige!


I chose to do a more neutral color for my nails, as bright colors just aren’t my thing (unless its red) so I chose the Love Polish. This can be so great for all over color or used as a French Tip. I love a classic French tip and use my sticker guides to achieve the look. I also just love the gel as a clear coat, but it’s more durable.


What is your favorite nail trend? Or are you a classic girl or do you like to get funky? If you’re interested in purchasing any of the gel coats, you can use my links here!




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