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Hotel Valley Ho originally opened its doors in 1956, and today it still has the amazing minimalist retro feel that would make the original architect, Edward Varney, smile. Right in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, this little gem was seriously a pleasure to visit, and I’m so glad that it is close by so I can visit again and again! We were greeted by some delicious fruit and goodies just for us which was so nice from our hosts!

Robe from Poppy and Dot


I wanted to do a small girls staycation since the last one I did was a bigger party, so it was just me and Andrea, from Hello Andrea Maya. We decided to get some pictures in once we arrived, and they have so many fun little spots for us to enjoy and to take some amazing pictures!

For dinner, we were hosted by Buck & Rider, a seafood and steakhouse in Arcadia just north of Hotel Valley Ho. They have fresh seafood delivered daily so everything is fresh, never frozen! You can see their daily schedule on their website. We were feeling adventurous and decided to have a couple oysters (My first time ever!) and enjoy some calamari, crab cakes, and sushi. It was delicious and we were able to enjoy our dinner outdoors since it wasn’t too hot (and by not too hot it was like…. 90. I mean, it’s still hot out here guys and it’s almost November! haha) You’ll have to give them a try and let me know what you think!

After dinner we decided we wanted to head into Old Town Scottsdale and get some delicious desert. Andrea had heard about this little treasure called Unbaked and we just had to go try it out. They serve safe to eat cookie dough, and let me just say they have some of the most amazing cookie dough I’ve ever had! They have the originals like chocolate chip, some brownie fudge, some sugar cookie, some peanut butter, and then they have things like birthday cake, cookies and cream, twix, and snickers and I had the hardest time deciding! I just decided to go with cookies and cream because it’s my favorite. So we officially got unbaked 😉


The next morning we decided to hit up the little pool really quick before it got to busy (because like I said, it’s still hot my peeps) and just enjoy some serenity. I love the little pool (not the OH pool, we’ll get there) because it isn’t as busy and has a nice waterfountain splash pool that is perfect for kiddos (which my girls loved the last time we came as a family) but also has a deeper pool that you can swim laps in. We didn’t stay long as my stomach started to get hangry (ya feel me?) so we popped back over to our room, changed and headed to brunch.

For brunch we enjoyed the ZuZu and guys…. it did not dissapoint (instert some drooling here). We had some delicious cinnamon roll donut bombs to start us off and I had a delicious Frosty Orange “Ho-J” which is like an orange julius but better (trust me). I decided to have red velvet waffles and some bacon and potatoes, while Andrea was being good (she’s keto-ya-know) and she had the Eggs Benedict on avocados instead of English muffins. She did have a bite of the donut bomb though, since it was staycation after all! Just look at these pictures, drool and then schedule a time for yourself to go to Zuzu. You won’t be disappointed, promise.

And then we did what us blogger babes do and took some pictures, because when you’re in a gorgeous location, why wouldn’t you?! It was fun to get dressed up and take a few pics here and there! After we completed out picture goodness, we decided we better hit up the OH pool because it’s one of the reason you go to the HO YO. We wanted to relax a little, but to be honest guys, it was too hot, we weren’t wanting to get totally submersed in the water, so we were kinda lame and just chilled in the shade. Looking back, I wish I would have just gotten wet and had fun, because you can do your hair and makeup any day, but you can’t visit the HO everyday. So take my advice here; get wet. Have the fun. Do the things. Because life is too short to not get wet and have fun. So we ate some more food (what else do you do at a staycation really?) and just enjoyed.

All in all, it was an amazing staycation and I will definitely be back soon, because Summer’s not over when you’re at the Ho!


Have an awesome week my babes!


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