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Hi everyone! I’m Ariel (if you couldn’t tell) and this is my safe little space to write about who I am, and what I love! I was on my personal Instagram and realized it has turned into an Instagram that showcases my kids! How did that happen?! I actually know how it happened, my girls are pretty adorable, but I had lost who I was, and am. I came to the realization that I had become 3 things and 3 things only: Mom, Wife, Photographer. Now, at least I have my hobby, passion and business as a photographer, but most times the mom and wife role take over that photographer role. I decided enough was enough and I wanted to redefine and rediscover who I was. I have always loved talking about hair, makeup and fashion. So why not start there? Along with those fun and girly things, I am actively trying to lose weight and trying to be more healthy in the journey of life. So I’m grateful you’ve taken a few minutes out of your day to view my blog and to understand what it is that I’m trying to create and rediscover about myself!

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