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This week I had the awesome opportunity to go to brunch at First Watch, which was beyond delicious! They have so many great locations around the valley, which makes me so happy because it doesn’t matter where I’m at, I can grab a bite with the girls, or with my little family, and I know they have plenty of delicious things that not only I will enjoy, but my (sometimes) Little picky eaters!

This time I enjoyed some Brunch Babe time with Becca , Andrea  and Ariana !


The few times I’ve been to first watch, I had their avocado toast, which is so delicious and refreshing. The hard time this last trip is that I’m on a Whole 30 diet for the month of September, but I give myself one meal to “cheat” minimally on. So brunch at First Watch was my cheat and I’ll tell you why:

First Things First, I had the Morning Meditation Fruit Juice, which came out looking like something that would be served up at a fancy cocktail bar! Not only was it aesthetically pleasing, it was absolutely delicious! 10/10 will get it again, as well as a Kale Tonic, which is my usual go to! Another amazing seasonal item they have going on is their Pomegranate Mule, which We all collectively agreed tastes like Kombucha with a little fizz!


For starters we ordered the Million Dollar Bacon, which is absolute heaven. No, seriously, I would eat a whole order myself because it is THAT DANG GOOD. I controlled myself (mildly) and enjoyed it as my ultimate cheat, because it does have syrup and brown sugar, along with pepper and cayenne seasoning. DELICIOUS.


I had the Farmhouse Hash, which is potatoes with avocado, bacon, onions, tomatoes (I ordered mine without) and some yummy cheese and eggs on top, however you want them cooked. It was a little tiny cheat for me here because on Whole 30, you aren’t supposed to have dairy, like the cheese, but it was pretty minimal so I called that a win!


All in all, I will be back, and I know if you sign up for their newsletters, you get a special offer for buy one entree, get the second free (which is BOMB). You can sign up HERE.  So be sure to check them out and give them a try! I know I’ll be back soon!


Until next time


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