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As a kid, most of us hating brushing our teeth, just like we hated cleaning our room or making our bed. As I got older, I realized I was an adult and could do what I wanted and that sometimes meant being lazy and not brushing my teeth before bed (I know, disgusting right?) The thing is, I didn’t have a way to determine if it was a long enough brush-session and even if I did do a good brushing, they never felt totally clean. I got my first electric toothbrush about 2 years ago and it was a game changer! I knew that my teeth were especially clean and I wanted to brush my teeth.

Well, things can only get better with time right? I’ve gotten my second electric toothbrush from Simle Brilliant, called the cariPRO and I can’t believe the even better difference. When I was using a manual toothbrush, I probably brushed 30 seconds to a minute total because it felt like I had been brushing a lifetime. Now, with my cariPRO, I brush the whole 2 minutes because it lets me know every 30 seconds when I’ve been brushing. Not only that, but it has 5 different vibration settings. Brushing, whitening, gum care, massage, and sensitivity.

I have seen such a difference in just the 4 weeks I’ve been testing the product that Smile Brilliant so graciously sent for me to try and review. I can say that I would give it a 5/5 Stars because it has completely changed the way I think about brushing my teeth and I would happily brush more than twice a day now (and sometimes do) just to feel clean and have that smile that we are always wanting. Paired with their whitening kit, and you’re unstoppable! Just remember, #smilefearlessly.

Until next time– Sincerely, Ariel

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