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The New Year seems so far away, I mean, we still have 2 and a half months, but when you think about how long 2 and a half months was it was the beginning of August and that was just like…. yesterday right? So this year, I’m trying to make it more of a priority to get my New Years to do’s completed and I figured that many of you would also want to have those things checked off your list as well!


1. Get your planner now!

This is something that I never think about until it’s already past the new year, and then I have wasted pages. This year, I got my planner early so that I am ready and rearing to go. This year, I decided to use the Daily Greatness Journal, and I love that it’s more than a calendar. It has goals for each week, each quarter, along with other amazing features. One of my favorite is the individual pages that make you sit and think about your life; the fun, genius, creative, dream, ideas, and thought spaces. This planner is great because if you want to start it now, you absolutely can. There are not set dates in the planner, so you can start today, or you can wait until January 1st. The key is that you’ll have it and have time to think about all the great portions before being overwhelmed with New Years. Check out all their other journals, such as a Parents Journal, business planner, and wellness journal to name a few!



2. Start thinking of your resolutions now

One thing that always gets me, is I love the fresh year-fresh start mentality, but I hate that I always fall off the bandwagon. The reason is that all the festivities are over and now I have to become this totally different person because its a new year and everyone is doing it. That kind of pressure is kind of lame, and you don’t have to do resolutions realistically, but it’s always great to set goals. One of the resolutions I set for myself for 2018 was to lose weight. Great! That’s a common resolution I feel like. Problem is, I didn’t do anything but say “I want to lose weight.” I needed to sit down and say “I want to lose weight and I’m going to accomplish that by doing this….” I wish I would have sat down earlier and said I was going to work out 3 times a week at least, whether in the gym or going to a walk, run, cycle. So don’t make the same mistake as myself, go ahead and start in on those goals and resolutions and make a solid plan. This year I’m going to try and use protein powder as a supplement. I’ve decided to use Gainful as my go to protein as it’s made especially for me!


3. Budget for Christmas and the month after


Many people probably already do this, but this is something I’m working on myself. Always when January hits, it’s like “OH NO WHAT HAVE I DONE?!” when in all reality, you can already plan out who you’re getting gifts for, and your budget for them. I know it’s insane to think about it in October, but once black Friday hits, you’re already scrambling to get a million gifts in less than 30 days. One think I’m planning to do is make a google spreadsheet to track who I’m getting gifts for, what I have already bought, and how much everything has cost. When rent is due, I won’t be freaking out because it’ll be budgeted.


If you really want a fourth check-off, I’d also look for an outfit for your new years if you plan on going to a party! Why not get an outfit early while you’re thinking about it? Have any other ideas or tips? I’d love to hear them!

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